I Love You Quotes for Her, True Love Quotes for his

I Love Quotes Fall In Love Happiness is one of the worst powers that not everybody sees in the world. It's the strength of all other powers. It can control all and move the mountains.  Loving quickly transforms negative traits into positive traits and converts anger into the goodness of love. At the same time, one of the possible experiences is living in love. The whole universe will shine in a brighter light if you fall in love. The explanation is that the great love challenge is that expressing it in words is so hard because I love quotes for her.  Love helps us overcome the greatest and toughest challenges. This teaches us what it means to unconditionally love someone and to look after their happiness as if it were ours.
I Love You Quotes for Her

    1.     I'd rather stay with you then face the world's whole ages.

2. I look at you in front of my eyes and spend the rest of my life with you.
True Love Quotes for his

3. I swear that most of them can love you right now, and yet I know that tomorrow I'll be...

4. The words keep me awake. Your dream keeps me alive, making me sleep with you.

  5. I want to be one hundred minutes a day if you're sleeping, so I'm not going to have to live without you.

Sweet I Love You Quotes For Her

6. You loved me, body and soul, and I love... I love you... I love you.

     7. I hope you know that I really say I love you if I ask you to stay at home, stay warm, have a nice day, or sleep well.  I hate you so much that it starts to snatch meaning from other words.

     8. I knew I was dreaming about you, and I wondered how long you were in my mind. Then it came to me:

9. You don't like someone because of their form, dress, or car of your choice, but you can listen to them because they sing a song.

    10. I don't want to say that you love me more than me when I say I love you more. More than any fight, I love you. More than the distance between us, I love you; I love your little one more than any barrier that might try to stand between us. I love you more, and I love you more

True Love Quotes for his

11. When I first saw you, I was afraid to meet you when I met you, I was afraid to tell you when you spoke to me, I was afraid to love you. Now that you are so affectionate, I feel so much better than you are now losing.

12. How I love you, when, or where I started. I love you straight with no complexity or pride. So I love you because I don't love anyone anymore I just have to do it myself.

13. So my heart is going to be too small to carry all my love for you.

14. Today, I loved you, always, I loved you, I still loved you, I always loved you.

  True Love Quotes for his

15. Every day I was dying waiting for your loved one, do not be afraid. For more then a thousand years, I've loved you and known you for more than a thousand years.

    16. You know that if you don't want to sleep, you're in love because the truth is better than your dreams.

True Love Quotes for his

17.  If every time I thought of you there was a flower for you ... then I could go through my garden forever.

18. Nature has a beautiful trick designed to sound when you become obsessive.

  19. Loving the world's best and most beautiful things that can't be seen or heard, only feel from the soul.

  20. You want the rest of your life to begin with them when you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone.

21. Loving is when your other person's joy is greater than your own happiness.

22. There is no logic to this stuff. You see someone you know, you love, and nothing else.

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