Short Love Quotes about Falling in Love

Short Love Quotes about Falling in Love

Twenty short love quotes about falling in love

Short love quotes One of the most rewarding emotions in the world is falling in love with idols. You are placed in a very vulnerable place, whether your feelings are valid or not, either the start of something amazing or the heartbreak. But despite all the love it is so exciting to make the leap. No matter what the end is between you and your partner.

True Short Love Quotes about Fall In Love

1.  [Can you go where you'd like to go?
 Should we still stay close to it?]

2.  [I love you, I pretend to love my taste in music,
 let you eat the last slice of cheesecake that puts
the radio on my ear outside my door, sadly, I
tell you, I hate if you like me, choose me and love me.]

3.  [Loving anyone gives them the power not to
trust them, but to break their hearts.]

4.  [If you love, you know that your relationship is
better then your dreams; you realize when you
can't sleep.]

5.  [In my opinion, loving yourself as much as you
do It is the best thing you can do. Good mood,
bad mood, ugly, lovely.]

6.  [You meet thousands of people and they're
not really let you down. And then you
meet someone and they're forever changing
your life.]

Short sweet love quotes

7.  [Most of all, I'm afraid I'm moving out of this
room and I'm never going to feel the way I'm
living with you.]

8.  [The my first passion in life is falling. The second
one is in love best. Dropping in love at least,
but this is nothing better than never being in love.]

9.  [You want to spend the rest of your life with
someone when you know that you, you
want to spend the rest of your life with them.]

10.    [Love is a passion that you can't survive without.
       If you don't continue with this, what will you
       eventually, do?]

Short Falling I Love You Quotes

11.    [You’re the first boy I love you, and I wish
you were that last for me.]

12.    [Relationships are funny. You have to
constantly love and challenge each other.]

13.    [They say when you love your life, time runs
out and this is true. Do you still love my
heart? Leave it, look.]

14.    [Before that day, I didn't see the true beauty.
Without you, I can't sleep, I can't eat without
you, I can't do anything but I still think of you
because I love you much.]

15.    [About it. I'm dreaming of it at night, waiting for
it all day long, and when I see it, my heart is
fluttering and I think it's going to get unconscious.]

16.    [We fall in love and all we could tell in a short
time was that we wanted to live.]

Short love happiness

17.    [It's like meeting someone, loving you, and
hoping you're the guy, and then you've got
to put on your chips at some point. All you
need to do is make a promise and hope
you're what right.]

18.    [Until I tell you, you can't say I love you.
And that makes sense, I guess.]

19.    [It’s so hard and scary to open your heart to
someone. Swimming is easy, not saving, and
not revealing and opening your heart.]

20.    [You seem to be a happiest and most beautiful
a person in the world when you fall in love with
someone because you love them dearly.]

21.    [Love is seen by the heart, not by the eyes,
        and therefore those who see with the eyes
        do not see it.]

22.    [I loved you when I saw you and you were
       laughing because you knew it.]

23.    [In love, there are two people at once, alone,
         isolated from everything in the world, living
         their life beautiful.]

24.    [When a person loves you, there are different
         ways of saying their name. You know their
         name is safe in their mouths.]
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