Write an Application to the Bank for Lost ATM Card.

ATM Card Missing Letter to Apply New ATM Card for This Both Types Formats.

Application to the Bank for Lost ATM Card

1st Ways to Write Request for letter lost ATM Card

    The Branch Manager,
    Bank Name…
    Bank/Branch Address…

Sub: - An Application for Request Letter Lost “ATM” Card

Respected Sir/Manager,
                                    With respect, I hope you are in good healthiness, I, (Account holder name) am the account holder in your bank/Branch for the last two years old. But unfortunately sir, I have lost my ATM card a few days ago, This is my account number 12345678, so I want to request for a new ATM card (write your problem without card). I have a very urgent needed of ATM card for that time, so this is my request to you sir please kindly issue my new ATM card as quickly as possible. I shall be very thankful to you. Thank you, Sir,
Your Customer
 (Account holder name)

2nd Ways to write lost ATM card Request Letter Format

The Manager,
Corporation Bank,
Branch Address.

Respected Sir,
This is to inform you that I have lost my ATM card earlier today in some situations. Unfortunately, I dropped my bag today on my way office which had my ATM card and some of my very important personal documents as well. And I have already fielded a report at my local Police station for the lost and in case any misuse happens.
Therefore I would like to request the bank to kindly replaced my old ATM card and fastly grant me with a new one as I have done my all work from my card and I need my ATM card at all times.
Yours Sincerely,
(Your name here)