Write Request Latter for Airlines Refund Cost.

When you write a letter of refund cost, you can easily write with the help of this formatted letter.
request letter for refund money

1st Way to you can write request letter for Airlines refund cost

     Booking agent,
     International airlines, (of your country)
     Regional office,
     You’re Place.

                        Sub: - An Application for “Refund cost” by international airlines.

Dear Sir,
               I hope your health is nice. However, I had booked a ticket from (Your destination to Where you go) for November 24, 20XX (Here's your data), for which I could not travel for a few personal reasons. Therefore, I would like to refund my costs for the ticket. Please tell me the details of the refund so I can get it as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Your name is


2nd Way to you can write a request letter for Airlines refund cost 

The Booking Agent,
(Your country) Airlines,
Regional Office,

Respected Sir,
I hope that you are good in health. However, I had booked a ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai for the 17th of January 20XX which I could not board due to some personal reasons. Therefore, I need to refund my spent money on a ticket. Please let me know about the refund details so that I could get it as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Your Name

A sample complaint letter to airline for a refund