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Write Easy Application for Bank Account Closure

Write an Application Request Letter for Closing Bank Account 

By writing this format you will be able to make a request to your Application for Bank Account Closure Bank Manager letter for a closing bank account.
 Application for Bank Account Closure

1st  way to write an application for bank account closure

The Bank Manager,
(Bank name………….),

Sub: - “Application for Bank Account Closure”

Dear Sir,
It is stated that I opened a current account in (Describe your bank name, address information here) for example, State Bank of India (your Branch), India. This is my account 234567544. Since I was a businessman who runs his office nearest the bank, it was really easy for me to be affiliated with (Your Bank Here).
but now I need to move my business to another city, and I don't have to maintain this account. Therefore, it is my request that you close my account as soon as possible as your best.
Yours Sincerely,

2nd way to write account closed letter to bank

The Manager of (Your Bank Name Here)
Branch Name:-
Branch Address: -

Sub: - An Application for Bank Account Closure

Respected Sir,
With heartfelt respect for presenting it. In (account holder's name) the residence of (your address as bank record) a user/customer of your bank/branch who has an account number (12345456766). In fact, I want to tell you that I want to close my account for some of my reason I will not maintain this account yet.

So I kindly request you to close my bank account as soon as possible. Thank Your Sir.

Your Customer
Date (when you write a letter)

Write You a Letter for Closing Bank Account Sample in this 2 Format.
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