Sample Application Letter for Rooms Booking in a Hotel

Letter for rooms booking in a hotel

Here's the 1st best way to write a letter for rooms booking in a hotel

The Receptionist
Hotel name,
Proper hotel address.

Dear Sir,
I hope you are reading it in good healthiness. I am a (Name of the country in which you are a tourist) tourist visa holder and have been living in the capital ever since I made a decision to travel to on December twenty-fourth. I actually have planned to travel from (Your place) on the 30th of this month and will arrive at (The name of the place where you go) on December 31st.

Since I was planning to celebrate New Year in (That's where you want to go), I have heard of the Hotel offering promotional discounts. So, I'm diligent enough to book a double bedroom for a couple. Passport and visa photocopies are attached to the letter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your customer

(Your name here)

 Here's the 2nd best way to write Sample Application Letter for Rooms Booking

The Hotel manager,
Hotel Name,
Los Angeles,
The United States.

Application for a Rooms Booking in Hotel

It has been reported that I am a businessman, (passport number) from India. I plan to travel to the United States on a business visit, visa for my business purposes. I recently got a visa and air ticket, and I need a room at the (Name of Hotel) for seven days and 7 nights the second day since January 20XX.
So, please book an air-conditioned first classroom for the necessary time and confirm it as soon as possible.

Booking customer name