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      1.            [People jealous of my personalities, but they are  afraid to speak directly on my face.]

     2.            [Even though no one gives me a prayer of happiness,
            sir, we share the happiness with others.]

     3.            [Who says girls are weak... The boy goes with the whole
             procession and the girls are alone with everyone.]

     4.            [Just as every question is not answered, in the
          same way, every human is not a   nawab like me.]

     5.            [It is not my job to sack someone's attitude if you
            want to stay then stay in your position]

Quotes on Attitude for Girls

      6.      [Not everyone gets mad friends like me; you are the kind of luck I got.]

       7.     [What do you talk about my face sir; people are too crazy about my post.]

       8.      [Attitude with me is too much but does not show without reason when someone shows                  their attitude then I don't remain silent.]

Status on Attitude

        9.   [The air of love changes the health of a human being how much of a girl's attitude ... but she
              would treat a child she loves the most.]

      10.  [I don't burn or burn anyone else's, because I am
              already a little princess in my parents.]

       11.  [If I'm good, then let's be good, sir. If I come in my old fashion, then there will be a crown on the head,               and I will rule over all the people.]

      12.  [People said you show a lot of attitudes... Look brother now God has given me, see why not]

       13.  [We are not as you think, and you cannot think
              as we think.]

       14.  [What is mine, it is the only mine, what is the right of anyone to it, I do not even have anybody to look at it.]

       15.  [Sweet face, sweet voice, innocent little heart, sweet smile, a perfect personality, gentle mood, it all happened to me, and tell me how you are.]

       16.  [The whole world will be burning when this princess goes with her prince.]

      Best Attitude Quotes for Girls

       17.  [It is not in my nature to let someone down, and someone thinks who save by showing me down,               it is not in their luck.]

       18.  [I am the kind of girl who listens to everyone but does her own mind. You have to be smart to
               understand me quotes on attitude for girls.]

        19.  [Treat me like a queen, and I will treat you lik a king. But if you play with me, I'll show you how it's played.]

       20.  [This is not my attitude; it is my way that not everyone can walk.]

       21.  [Don't mix between my personality and my attitude because of my personality is mine and my attitude It is up to you.]

       22.  Ok if you don't like me not everyone gets a good taste.]

           Quotes on attitude for girls.

Quotes on Attitude for Girls

       23.  [You will remember me when you fail to take my place.]

            24.  [My attitude is a unique gift from God, and I do not think it necessary to explain it to anyone.]

            25.  [The world is burning with someone, the worl smiles at someone... But we are the person whose post makes the world greed to read.]

            26.  [I never insult people; I just show them what
                   they are.]

     Status on Attitude Quotes for Girls

      27.  [Our style is something that we are not quiet when we talk, and when we are quiet peopl are greedy to listen.]

      28.  [Not always available but if you want, try your luck.]

      29.  [It doesn't matter to me, what people think of me, my life depends on my calm.]

      30.  [Cute little face, fashion my style, time also stops when I smile.]

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