Sample Request Letter for a Bank Statement, Bank Statements Application

 Bank statements are often necessary for a number of reasons. They need to be monitored for their monthly or annual transactions, such as business or financial needs. It is not always possible to obtain a soft copy of a statement abroad. This requires you to have a hard copy of the statement at your important time. So, in this case, you have to write the application letter to bank manager to provide the bank statement.

Request Letter for a Bank Statement Application

1st Way to write a request letter for a bank statement application letter to Bank manager.

Bank of (your bank name),
Bank address…
City Name…

Subject: - Request Letter for a Bank Statement

It is respectfully stated that I am the account holder of (your bank here), for example, have a current account in Bank of India, Kolkata. That is my account number 865123444 however; I opened an account for business purposes. As a businessman, I need to travel to different countries.
So, as proof, I need a bank statement with my maintained account balance. I also need an Account Maintenance Certificate along with a bank statement. Please provide me with the required documents.

Yours sincerely,


2nd Way to write request letter for a bank statement application letter for bank manager.

Branch Manager
(Your bank name)
(Branch address)

Sub: - Request for Letter for Bank Statement issued for the last few months.

Dear Sir,
With respect, I hope you are reading this in very good health. I'm (your name) I'm a savings account holder in your branch, this is my account number ………… (Write your account here) Actually, I'm applying for a home loan. For which I have already submitted to the loan sanctioning office, Right now, I need some of my last month's account transactions statement. I strongly encourage you to send my account statements as soon as possible. I am very grateful to you if you respond promptly.

(Account holder name)
(Bank registers contact no.)

 Application of the  Bank Statements