Request Letter for a Renewal Passport Status

You can easily write a request letter to your renewal passport status.
Letter for Renewal Passport Status

1st format to write request for a letter passport renewal

     The Regional Passport Officer,
     Office Address,

    Sub: - An Application for Renewal Passport            

    I hope you're reading in this pure health. However, I (Applicant Name) requested my passport renewal. One week later, I submitted the application along with the supporting documents.
The process timing informed me was five working days which has already passed. Therefore, it is a request to kindly inform me about my status is needed. I'm really grateful to you if you do.
Thank you, sir.

                                         Yours Faithfully

2nd format to write request for letter passport renewal

Regional Passport Officer,

Your Passport Office address,


Respect Sir,

                   With due respect humble to submission that. I assume that in good health you're reading it. However, I (full name) am the applicant for my passport to be renewed. I submitted a request a week ago with supporting documents for a quick passport.
The processing time told me that there were five working days that had already passed. Therefore, it is requested that you please update me on your status.


Your name,