How to write a resignation letter?

Format for resignation letter with this format, you can easily write a sample resignation letter on your own condition. When you find a job somewhere else then you will write it to your company.
how to write sample resignation letter

Resignation Letter Format for New Jobs

Dear Sir,

It has been submitted that I would like to draw your attention to my request for the tendering resignation of HR, (mention your position as your condition). The only reason I have to quit my job is to offer a new job. I have spent five long years in the service under your guidance and I learned a lot from my seniors and associates during my career, as well as gaining experience in my work and interests. Everyone has the right to grow and develop in their lives, as you well know in all of your subsidiaries. My specialization in jobs is (mention your position of employment) and the experience of this service has helped me to get a better job. In view of the above conditions, my application for resignation can be approved in the first place and I can obtain a certificate of experience.

I'm so grateful to you.

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