What is a Responsive design: responsive design is a web page creation technique that uses flexible formats, flexible images, and sheet media queries in cascading format. The aim of responsive design is to create web pages that sense the size and orientation of the visitor's screen and adjust the layout accordingly. If you change your device orientation from portrait mode to landscape mode, responsive web design also adapts.
What is a Responsive Web Design & Benefits

Progressive Web Applications and Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design, lead to starting conceiving web applications that display and work correctly in an ever-growing landscape of devices and screen-sizes but also showed the limitations of the browser.
With the creation of HTML5 standard, browsers finally had a standard to follow to implement new features that solved some of the limitations found.
This advent (yes HTML5 was an advent IMO) enabled the developers to take the web-apps experience closer to the one in the native apps, and to define what that meant, Progressive Web App the concept appeared, directing developers to what is a bringing a web-app experience closer the native one, while avoiding the hassle of the app stores and platform-specific development.
Finally, Reactive Web App is a way to create an application that is Responsive, Scalable, and Resilient. And this concept could be the pinnacle of web-apps, only possible because of RWD and PWA approaches.

  Why is it Important? (RWD)

·    It will make your mobile site look better on both large and small display screens, and increase the amount of height time. On your web, visitors spend a lot of time.

·   Currently, more than 70 percent of the time the app is used on mobile devices and Google shows the website offering the Responsive platform. Therefore, the site's important specialty depends on the Responsive website.

·   When more people visit your website, it can also help boost your rankings in search engines. Responsive design can help your site to solve many of your website's problems from time to time.

  Do all need a responsive website?

Responsive website Yes! Because it is helpful to optimize search engine visibility, which can mean lots of more visitors to come to your site.

Good leading results produce more excellent terrific results, increase sales, decrease bounce levels and additional added lot of conversations. This is why we need a responsive web design for everyone.
What is a Responsive Web Design & Benefits

  Examples of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a commonly used comprehensive website designed or modified based on the technologies and any form of computing device used by visitors to view the site that looks good.

Website pages can be seen using a wide range of devices, workspaces, computers, tablets, and phones. Your website page looks great and excellent. The responsive design of the website uses only HTML and CSS.
What is a Responsive Web Design & Benefits

  Benefits of Responsive Website Design

There are many types of advantages of responsive website aspects at your business that will contribute to your growth.

       1.     Responsive website is a smart choice to make a mobile-friendly desktop site.

       2.     It's an innovative way to deliver the desktop experience to the small screen as a web development technique.

       3.     Dedicated sites are the better choice for delivering a mobile-optimized site.

       4.      Dedicated sites make it easier than the web a site to take advantage of special mobile capabilities.

       5.     Responsive design is a useful technique for adjusting Web pages to screen size.

       6.     If mobile-friendly is good enough for your company, then responsive is a fine choice.

       7.     A better choice for your company might be to take full advantage of mobile-unique capabilities and deliver a distinct mobile experience.

       8.     Improved users' experience, faster website development, an increase in mobile traffic.

       9.     Better website loaded time, lower Bounce rate, higher conversation rate,    better SEO, and more social sharing.

Some of Top Advantages of Responsive Web Design

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