What Is WordPress? 

     What is WordPress for: Word Press understands in simple Word is a web-based program that helps you to quickly and easily create helpful websites from basic websites to blogs. Word press is used by 55 percent to 60 percent of all websites whose word press program is used for content management.
What is WordPress How Can Use It?

    Should We Use WordPress?

     Sure we are able to use of WordPress by creating a website. When software,  once installed on a server provides tools for building and managing great websites.  Works best for stable /certain types of sites. For an instant, personal portfolios and websites are super easy with WordPress.
What is WordPress

    How Do You Start Using WordPress?

     First, you learn more about WordPress, then you'll find the best website hosting for your web server. Because you need a hosting service before you can use WordPress.

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            Choose a domain name for your site...
·         Connect your domain with your hosting...
·         Customize your site design…
·         Creating web site pages ...
·         Add plugging for more features in own website
·         Importing exporting content…
·         More info to get going WordPress.

How We Do Develop?

    How We Do Develop?

     You should have everything you need to build a customized WordPress the platform, using the following skills.
    PHP. Server-Side programming the language that powers all WordPress sites.
·         Themes development …
·         Open-source software…
·         Contact forms…
·          Google Analytics…
·         Version control.

    Best Way to Learn WordPress Tutorial

     To learn it, we have a lot of ways to do when you want to know WordPress,  you will see which one is better for you.
·         Learn WordPress tutorial with Google, everyone known to google is an internet-specific technology Brand, look for WordPress information here. Use Google's search engine and read about WordPress.

·         Learn WordPress tutorial with YouTube because there are lots of YouTube Channels available here in Hindi or English.

·         WordPress tutorial using "Udemy" udemy is an official website for education. The person who easily gets a free course to learn as you learn WordPress course here with your own language.
What is WordPress How Can Use It?

    Which is better WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

     The single big difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org are who is really running with the hosting website, wordpress.org is where you will find the free WordPress program which you can access and run on your own web server. On the other hand, WordPress.com takes free of all the hosting for you.

     Why Do People choose a blog?

     Professional-level networking time opportunities through blogs the platform, they look at his eyes, what's going on while posting it to the people on the site, even if he's writing it. Blogging gives them the opportunity to show their work to the direct Audience, contributing to possibilities for the company and profession.

    Benefits/Advantage of WordPress Blogs

·        A lot of more Advantage WordPress blogging by doing.
·        You can control your site.
·        Manage your website from any computer.
·        No HTML software editing required.
·        Search engine loves WordPress site and blogs.

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