Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Web / WhatsApp Pc Use

How to start WhatsApp Web desktop so that now you can use WhatsApp web desktop from your laptop or pc without using any third-party application and it is very easy for you to set up web WhatsApp for your laptop or desktop with just two Three minutes will be required.

So first of all, you need to go to WhatsApp and check if you have the latest version. So just click on the menu and you will see in the menu part that there is no WhatsApp web option available, so what you need to do is you need to go to the play store and update your WhatsApp.

Click on it to let me go on WhatsApp Messenger. You will see that there is an update there. It says that you can send and receive WhatsApp messages from your computer browser except what is now.

whatshapp web use on pc

What is WhatsApp Web Desktop?

WhatsApp web that allows you to send and receive online messages on your desktop, laptop easily. All your WhatsApp accounts are synchronized, you can see every message on all devices. The message you send through the WhatsApp web is available on your mobile phone. Web WhatsApp is available for both operating systems Android and iOS.

How to use WhatsApp Web on PC?

The WhatsApp web is very easy to use today, but many people still do not know how to use it and how to make it work.

So, we will teach you how to use it very easily through my post, remember that when you do it, it is necessary to have the internet on your mobile and PC.


1.      Just click on WhatsApp open your mobile phone

2.      Click on the three-dot option and now you can see WhatsApp web

3.      Click on the link and open WhatsApp web

4.      Now open www.web.whatshap.com On any web browser, Chrome, Firebox, Opera

5.      Now as soon as it is scanned for QR, you have to direct the phone to the monitor. Now you look at the scan, now on the web, you will see that all your contacts were quickly replicated so that you can see that your WhatsApp web PC is ready to use.

whatshapp web

Visit WhatsApp Web Official Website

How to Logout after Login on WhatsApp Web PC?

You also have to take care while logging on laptop, PC, then after using web WhatsApp, it is safe to logout your WhatsApp on browser security. You will also be capable to do this easily.

1.      Just click on WhatsApp open your mobile phone

2.      Click on the browser setting option

3.      Tap on WhatsApp Web on Desktop

4.      There you will see the option to logout

5.      When you click on it, you have to press confirm.

How to do Web WhatsApp Dark Mode?

1.      Right-click on the Web WhatsApp page and click Inspect.

2.      Now open search bar for search body class= ”web”

3.      In some browsers, you may have to search for body class = "web text-rendering-bug-fix".

4.      Right-click on this line > click on Edit.

5.      Now change it to body class = "web dark" or body class = "web dark text-rendering-bug-fix".